An Exciting Virtual Reality Tour + Scavenger Hunt in Cape Town, South Africa


Purchase A Virtual Tour of the Cape Town South Africa Using Google Maps


Take a Google Earth Tour of Cape Town!

This kiff 3D virtual tour is a scavenger hunt where your class will stroll through the streets of Cape Town using Google Street View in search of answers to a set of provided clues. This lekker interactive google virtual tour gives students a first-person view of the culture, the stores, the food and signage of a far-flung location. It’s a super-fun activity sure to engage students and teach them about cultures around the world.  Check out a preview of the scavenger hunt!

Engage your students with this 360 tour today, the perfect virtual field trip for your online learning class!

The Worksheet and Answer Key for this Online Tour comes in two formats: Microsoft Word and PDF.

Feel free to upload this to Google Docs / Google Classroom to share with your class!

(Have no idea what I said up there? Here’s a guide to the slang of South Africa. Have fun with it with your class!)

Difficulty Level: 8/10 (This is a somewhat difficult virtual scavenger hunt)