Simple Permission Slip Templates Can Take the Guess Work Out of Planning

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Simple Permission Slip Templates Can Take the Guess Work Out of Planning

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Simple Permission Slip Templates Can Take the Guess Work Out of Planning

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Mary Smith
Virginia Teacher


Field trip planning can be complicated and time consuming.  A simple permission slip template alleviates some of that pressure and allows you to quickly fill in pertinent information.  Parents will appreciate a simple, bulleted list of quick information, while you will be able easily communicate and collect information.

When using a template to create a field trip permission slip, it’s important to note that all field trips and all circumstances are unique.  Following is a simple permission slip template, as well as some tips to ensure that you cover all of your bases.

I like to think of a permission slip as a way to accomplish and acquire multiple things:

-list out all of the details of the trip (think who, what, where, when, how?) 

-find out who is going, who is not

-find out who wants to chaperone


The fewer forms and papers you send home, the better.  It is much more preferable to send one single form or packet, so prep everything in advance, check to make sure you have included all information, and then send home.  Also note: your school or district may have its own required permission form for events.  This often gets filled out in addition to your permission slip, and you should plan to send all forms home in one packet or online using Mobile Permissions.  You may even consider creating a quick checklist for parents depending on how many forms you’ll be sending their way.  

When using a template, you may find that you have more information to share or request.  Don’t forget to add to or change the template to suit your needs.  It’s helpful to create a bulleted list for yourself of everything you know about the trip, along with everything you will want to know from parents.  This will help you make sure you fully utilize the simple template.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want the top portion of your page to inform parents of all of the details of the trip or event.  The bottom portion of the template will include a small form for parents to fill out and return to you, unless you choose to send it all through a parent’s cell phone, nudge nudge.  It should be something that you can either take with you to the field trip or easily input into a spreadsheet for your reference.  It’s just a quick reference for you – is the student going, is the parent interested in chaperoning, and how can I reach the parents if needed? 


What information should you include in the top portion?

Bulleted information is a perfect way to provide information quickly and concisely.  

-Field trip location

-Date (is it rain or shine?)

-Who is the trip for? (ex. all first grade classes, just our class, etc.)

-How will students get to the field trip?
-What should students wear?

-How does the field trip tie in to your curriculum?

-How many chaperones are you requesting?  Can they meet you at the destination?

-What is the cost?  Do chaperones pay, too?

-How do parents pay the field trip fee?  

-When are permission slips and payment due?


What information should you request in the bottom portion?

-Child’s name

-Parent’s name

-Contact info (email, phone number)

-Will child attend field trip (yes/no)

-Is parent interested in chaperoning? (yes/no)

Below is a simple permission slip template to fill in with your trip information.  Remember, simpler is better!  Feel free to attach some detailed information regarding the trip on a separate page (a brochure or print out from the organization/location, for example) if you would like to offer more details.  You could also consider including a link to the organization’s website or a QR code where they can look into the organization on their own.

You could also consider including a link to the organization’s website or a QR code where they can look into the organization on their own.

If you are a subscriber to Mobile Permissions, you can just copy and paste this template into your ‘Forms’.

Today’s date

Dear parents,

I am excited to share information regarding our upcoming field trip to ________________(location).  Please carefully read over the information below and return your student’s permission slip and payment no later than________________(due date).

-Location: name and address of field trip destination

Date (included day of the week) / We will attend rain or shine, OR rain date is _____.

-Transportation (bus, self-provided, etc.)

-Time (ex. Buses will depart at 9 am and return at 2:00, before dismissal; or meet at the front entrance at 9am, etc.)

-Attire (ex. dress for muddy conditions, etc.)

-Who is going?  (ex. all first graders, our class, etc)

Cost per student (include payment information)

-Cost per chaperone (include payment information)


Chaperone information

We are requesting _________(number) chaperones to accompany us on our trip.  Chaperones must ride with us on the bus OR chaperones must meet us at the field trip OR chaperones may ride the bus or meet us at the field trip.  If you are chosen to chaperone, you may/may not bring siblings with you.  

This field trip will tie into our ________________ curriculum.

We are looking forward to our trip!


Your name / grade level team

Please cut off bottom portion and return to school.  Keep the top portion at home for your reference.

-Student’s name__________________________________________________________________

-Will student attend field trip?  Circle: yes   no

-Parent’s name___________________________________________________________________

-Contact info-  email: ____________________________________________________________


-Are you interested in chaperoning?  Circle: yes   no

Inevitably, parents, coworkers, or administrators will have questions about the field trip. But using a simple permission slip template like the one above is an easy and concise way to relay all of the need-to-know information to parents in one swoop.  Knowing that you have provided all of that information in one easy-to-reference letter, and knowing that you have quick-reference information at your fingertips is such a reassuring feeling.  You’ll put in a lot of time planning, gathering information, and executing your trip and it’s really satisfying to have a quick, simple, and easy template to use to remove one hurdle from the process.  Whether you are planning one trip or ten this school year, have a go with a simple permission slip template and enjoy your hard-earned field trip time!


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