Explore the World! THREE Virtual Scavenger Hunts for Distance Learning

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Purchase A Bundle of Three Cities Around The World:  Cape Town, Melbourne, and The Orkney Islands in Scotland.



Europe!   Australia!   Africa!
Visit locations across these three continents. With this exciting bundle you’ll visit
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Orkney Islands, Scotland UK
Each scavenger hunt incorporates Google Street View links to explore the cities first-hand as you cast about for clues. See the sights and learn all about the different cultures as you traverse the streets of these wonderful destinations!
These activities are of varying difficulty, sure to challenge your entire class in a fun and exciting way. In terms of difficulties:
The Orkney Islands is 4/10 – pretty easy
Melbourne, Australia is 6/10 – medium difficulty
Cape Town, South Africa is 8/10 – challenging but doable
Using these hunts solo or in groups, students will learn all about these various places as they search out clues. This is an awesome opportunity for students to compare and contrast not only geography but cultural trends. It’s a real treat for any class of almost any age.
Take your class on a Virtual Field Trip TODAY!!
Formats: MS Word + PDF formats of Worksheets and Answer Keys Feel free to upload this to Google Docs to share with your students! Perfect for a Distance Learning / Remote Learning assignment!

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