Classroom Pet Permission Slip

The School believes that when children are taught to care for pets, they can significantly develop some characteristics that can help them grow to become good individuals. Moreover, children build their knowledge and care-giving skills through handling and feeding pets. This goes along with empathy and understanding. Also, they will have fun and excitement as they enjoy watching the animal’s behaviors and learn also about their needs. With this in mind, there are several classrooms in our school that have one or more pets, and our students care for them under the teacher’s supervision. This supervision includes teaching the students to wash their hands immediately after handling or feeding a classroom pet.


The School recognizes that there are inherent risks to children when involved with caring for pets, such as, but not limited to:


  1. Being frightened by the animals’ movements;
  2. Being scratched, chased, or bitten;
  3. Having allergic reactions from touching the animal or certain animal foods.


However, we will make sure that students will be taught how to properly handle their pets as well as how to take care of them. There are also rules in place regarding handling the animals to avoid any negative behavior by the animals. Having said that, we want you to complete the form below specifically giving your consent to our School for your child to participate in caring for a classroom pet. 


Parental Consent and Permission


%child_first_name%  %child_last_name%  has my permission to participate in caring for the classroom pet. However, please note that my child is (choose among the choices):


Allergic to:
Afraid of: