Online Permission Slips

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Online Permission Slips

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Online Permission Slips

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Bailey Allen
Utah teacher


Every teacher knows the immediate thrill that goes through the room once they announce a field trip. Students begin to blurt questions, “Where are we going?”, “Can my mom come?”, “Are we going tomorrow?” Smiles fill the room, and excitement builds. When each blurted question is answered, the excitement dies down, and reality sets in. Permission slips must be passed out, go home, and get back before the big day.

To an untrained teacher getting all of those permission slips back, signed, and turned in seems like a simple task. Little do they know the exhaustion it can cause. The countdown listed on the board, texts, emails, and Reminds sent out, notes sent home, and questions every day of who brought their permission slip back.

In addition, students ask for a new sheet every other day because they “lost their permission slip,” only to find it a week later in their messy desks or backpacks. The chaos, extra work, and anxiety permission slips can cause are just another piece to complete in the daily puzzle of tasks teachers must remember.

The incredible part about the world we live in today is that the worry and stress brought on by the infamous permission slip can be a thing of the past. You no longer have to worry about using your extra paper and copies on more permission slips. You also do not have to worry about students not coming on the field trip because of forgetfulness. You now have the option for online permission slips!

Just as parent-teacher communication has become a lot easier with apps such as Remind, so has the process of field trips or movie permission slips become easier. No matter what your style or preference for permission slips is, there is an online option that is perfect for you and your class.

In this article, I have compiled a list of potential online permission slips to ease your concerns about receiving all of your permission slips from each student back in time. No matter your field trip, class size, or permission slip concern, one of these online permission slip options will help you!

Online Permission Slip Programs

Google Docs 

One of the most accessible options is using Google Docs. Just as you create specific Google Docs to share with your students so they can work on their assignments, you can do the same with a permission slip for field trips. 

All you have to do is create the permission slip with the information necessary. You can easily collaborate with the creation of permission slips with administrators and other teachers. Once you have made the permission slip, you can share it through email, Remind, or whatever other forms of electronic communication you use to communicate with parents. 

All each parent has to do is fill out the information and share it with you. This process allows for all of the permission slips to already be in a secure location. You then receive automatic notifications to know who has already shared it. Additionally, if any students lose a permission slip or cannot find it, all you have to do is share it again with their parent or guardian without using paper. 

The downside is not all parents know how to use Google Docs and you only get typewritten signatures.



Jotform is another online form used to collect and create online permission slips. On Jotform, you can choose from already created permission slip templates. Just look through the ones available and pick which one you like best. If you cannot find a template you like JotForm allows you to create your own. 

Once you have created your online permission slips, you can send them out. There are a variety of options available on how to get each of these permission slips sent out. Each slip comes with a copy-and-paste link you can share through email, social media, or your school website. It also gives you a QR code that can be shared or sent home. Finally, it also allows you to send it as a fillable PDF form. 

Once sent through your choice of option, you can see who has filled out the permission slip and when they have done so. This view is accessed by looking at the Submissions button. You also have the option to turn on notifications, so you can get notified every time someone has filled one out. 

Jotform is a great solution and much easier than Google Docs.  Unfortunately, it also is just a typewritten signature which could be easily forged by a sneaky rapscallion.


Mobile Permissions 

Mobile Permissions is another option for online permission slips. Not only does it allow you to receive signed permission slips all in the same place, but it also allows for any payments for the field trip to be done in the same place. 

First, you create and send the permission slip from your computer. Next, parents and guardians sign their permission and pay for the field trip from their phones. After that, you receive notifications about each permission slip and payment sent in and made through the Responses tab. 

This program ensures a secure place for every permission slip and payment to go through. In addition, mobile Permissions makes the process so easy for not only teachers, but parents as well. They are able to just find it on their phone and quickly get it signed and sent in to the teacher.  Best of all, it’s inexpensive to use.

Join millions of teachers and schools worldwide in making your field trips and stresses as a teacher that much easier on you.


DocuSign is another option that allows you to collaborate with others and get all of your permission slips signed. You can share each permission slip with other teachers, students, parents, and administration. It allows for the secure, paperless organization of every permission slip. 

In addition, DocuSign also has a thirty-day free trial. This trial allows you to check if it is a program that will work for you and your needs. Once your free trial period is over, the program costs a fair amount to keep it. Additionally, Docusign is not really built for the education market so much as it is for real estate and contracts.



Looking back on the stresses of getting permission slips back, organized, and signed, it can now be a thing of the past. Each of these online programs allows you to quickly and securely collect each permission slip in one organized place without worrying about paper loss, timeliness, or organization. Join millions of teachers and schools worldwide in making your field trips and stresses as a teacher that much easier on you.



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