Music Trip Permission Slips For Students

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Music Trip Permission Slips For Students

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Music Trip Permission Slips For Students

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Erin Shelby
Ohio Teacher

When you think about field trips, music might not be the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re like most people, you might think of zoos or aquariums when you think about planning a field trip.


So what about field trips involving music? Are there any places you can go if you want to explore the artistic side of life? The answer to this is certainly yes! Whether you’re a public school teacher, music specialist, homeschool pod leader, private school teacher, girl scout troop leader, or any other kind of mentor to kids, you can definitely take them on a music field trip. Here are a few ideas.


The Ballet

If you’ve never been to the ballet, you’re in good company. Ballet is an art form that isn’t, let’s say, popular. We don’t typically see it on TV, and most public schools don’t offer ballet classes. But, going to the ballet can offer kids a new experience. While you can buy tickets to the ballet anytime, you might want to choose December. It’s the perfect time to catch a performance of The Nutcracker, a classic – and well-known – ballet.


Community Theatre Productions

If you’re a girl scout leader or a homeschool educator, this might be a perfect option for you, as these productions are held during the evenings and on weekends. Kids who like singing, dancing, and acting will love this musical field trip. Community theatre allows adults to remain involved in theatre beyond their high school or college years. This field trip can show kids how they can remain in a hobby they love, even if they don’t plan to turn it into a career.


I can personally vouch for how rewarding community theatre can be. I was once involved in a production that was done on the same stage where professional (paid) actors performed. It was a great experience, allowing me to meet other people and perform in a first-class production. Volunteers poured their time and energy into making it high-quality.


As for planning your field trip: just search online for community theatre productions in your city, and you’re bound to find a group or two. These performers love having a full house, so grab your tickets and enjoy the show!


Children’s Theatre Shows

Similar to community theatre, children’s theatre shows are another great musical field trip. Actors produce these shows especially for young audiences. So, search for a children’s theatre group in your area. Browse and see if there’s a show coming up that your kids will be interested in. Permission Slips For Students will of course need to be obtained from parents, and not every town has a children’s theatre group. As you’re looking at tickets for a children’s theatre group, take a look to see if they offer acting classes or summer camps. These can be a great option for kids who are passionate about the arts.


Amusement parks don’t just provide entertainment during the hot summer, either. In the fall, many amusement parks take on a Halloween, haunted-house vibe.

Go to the Orchestra

Going to the orchestra can be another exciting field trip. For musicians and non-musicians alike, it can be an exciting day of fun. For students who play an instrument, it might also motivate them to keep practicing. Kids can also benefit from this experience by picking up good concert etiquette habits. They will learn by observing how adults around them are quiet when the performers are playing, and how they provide appropriate applause at the end of the performance.


Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park, or theme park, can be surprisingly musical. Sure, you can ride roller coasters or get soaked in a wave pool, but did you know you can watch some shows, too? Amusement parks don’t just provide entertainment during the hot summer, either. In the fall, many amusement parks take on a Halloween, haunted-house vibe. In December, they often switch their decorations – and their shows – to a Christmas theme. Going to a theme park also educates on another level: it shows kids jobs in the arts, specifically acting, singing, and dancing. There’s also jobs behind the scenes: makeup, lighting, and costume design. Perhaps a field trip to an amusement park could spark interest in one of your students to land a gig there. Take it from yours truly- working in theatre at an amusement park is a blast!


Take Your Show on the Road

Another fun, perhaps more obvious, field trip is by taking your own show on the road. Entertaining others can be one of the most rewarding experiences for music students. If you direct a choir, band, or orchestra, you can take your group to competitions, or to non-competitive exhibitions. If you teach at a Christian school, your group could perform at local churches.


Professional clubs are another great audience for all types of ensembles. Groups like the Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, or Masonic Lodge often appreciate the performance of a high school group, especially during the holiday season. Your group could also perform at community events, such as the annual Christmas Tree lighting in your town.


Radio or TV Station

Another field trip that might help kids explore future career paths is visiting a radio or TV station. They might get the chance to meet a local TV or radio personality. An English teacher or Social Studies teacher might want to be your sidekick on this one, as music has cross-curricular connections to so many other subjects. Don’t forget to get signed Permission Slips For Students for everyone who will be going on this field trip.


Bring the Field Trip to You

Sometimes, you’d love to take a field trip, but it’s just not possible. Maybe you don’t have the funds for buses or maybe behavior issues make a field trip impossible at this time. So, why not bring the field trip to you? Here are some possibilities:

  • Search YouTube for “virtual field trip” and see what you find
  • Have a musician perform for your class in-person or via Zoom
  • Contact someone who works in the business side of the arts. Arrange a Zoom time for them to do a Q&A with your group so kids can understand their job
  • Visit the websites of some musical destinations. Many of them have resources for teachers to use from a distance (worksheets, videos, virtual tours, etc.)


Musical field trips create memorable experiences for students and adults alike. Going to the ballet, watching a community theatre show, or watching shows at an amusement park are just some of the music field trips students can enjoy. Music field trips can create happiness for students, motivate them to keep practicing, and allow them to entertain others.


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