Field Trip Memes

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Field Trip Memes

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Field Trip Memes

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Richard Siegel
New Jersey Teacher


Who doesn’t love a good meme? There are memes for just about everything – a simple search of the word meme on Google or Google Images will give you so many memes that your head may explode! There are also different types of memes – they are changing all the time, so a popular meme today may be all but forgotten next week! Keep reading to see a whole bunch of field trip memes!

Who doesn’t love the classic Spiderman cartoon from the 1960s? In the original “Me and the Boys” meme, the villains Rhino, Green Goblin, Electro, and Vulture are all devilishly smiling at something. Maybe it’s a funny joke or a realization – that’s up to the meme creator.

In this picture, it sadly looks like Electro sadly did not have his permission slip signed by one of his parents. The mischievous grins of the other super villains are turned into sad frowns. Don’t worry Electro, you can always go on the next trip!

In perhaps the cutest meme you see today, there are a bunch of adorable puppies. I guess their obedience school is taking them somewhere! Perhaps they are on their way to a local theater’s production of the hit show Cats to support tolerance? Maybe they are going to the local aquarium to check out the dogfish. Maybe they are going on a trip to be read to! Doesn’t matter – they are all good boys and girls anyway, and they deserve this trip.

And it isn’t just seven year olds, either! Last year, I took my class of eighth grade students to a local amusement park, and every time a truck drive passed, my students would complain that he wasn’t honking the horn. Eventually, one truck driver did, and the bus erupted into the pleasant chaos that only some are fortunate to experience. Even the other teachers couldn’t help but smile!

Classroom management is a must anywhere, no matter if you are in the classroom or outside the classroom. The students must be a great representation of the school community. However, perhaps this teacher could have cut these kids some slack? The few that are looking at the camera seem disappointed! Plus, it’s a field trip! Everyone is going to be excited!

Kids think it is the most important thing ever to sit at the right spot on the bus. In my experience, I have found that the quiet ones and the “normal” ones are dispersed throughout the school bus. However, the noisy ones definitely consistently sit in the back of the bus. These children aren’t so much naughty as they are loud and occasionally mischievous.

It doesn’t matter where the field trip actually is – there is always going to be that one child on the trip who points out exactly where their house is. And their friend’s house. And their sister’s boyfriend’s house. But, doing so makes these kids happy, and that’s the point of working with children!

Our second Spiderman-related meme! Who knew that the superhero was so good for memes? Don’t be like Peter Parker. Make sure that you give your students ample time to sign their permission slip, as well as having extras printed in case one of the slips gets lost!

Victory! You managed to have a great trip to somewhere cool, and you successfully returned with every child safe, healthy, and on the correct bus! That’s no easy feat. 

Pro tip – make sure that every child knows where (and when) to meet you when the field trip is over. I have a teacher friend who took her third graders to Ellis Island and, even though her students all SWORE they knew where to go and when, she still almost had a panic attack looking for that one student who lost track of time. Make sure each child has a buddy!

There are memes for just about everything – a simple search of the word meme on Google or Google Images will give you so many memes that your head may explode!

The rage comic! A great meme format that has gone out of style. But, for all the students who prefer to read than experience things, this is for you. For all the teachers, troupe leaders, camp counselors, and parents who tried to get their students or campers or children to actually look around and experience life around them instead of reading about it – good luck, and let us know if you had any luck with that!

Doesn’t this tuxedo baby look so cute, yet so angry? Look, we all need breaks – teachers, parents, and students alike. So, schedule a field trip for the students, campers, troupe, or whoever you are scheduling it for. Nature preserves, theaters, aquariums and museums all love having schools! Make it educational too 🙂

By the way, do you have a hilarious meme? Make it and share it! Websites like Meme Generator and Make A Meme allow anyone to create a hilarious meme! We look forward to seeing the next field trip memes – hopefully, it’s one that you created!


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