Field Trip Ideas For Summer Camp

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Field Trip Ideas For Summer Camp

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Field Trip Ideas For Summer Camp

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Charles Kramer
Florida teacher


When I was a boy, I went to a day camp in New Jersey that, unfortunately, no longer exists. I have made many great friends and great memories at that camp. The field trips at summer camps that occurred over the various summers were some of my favorite memories! Below, you can see a list of some field trip ideas for summer camp — all of which were based on trips that I have taken as either a camper or a counselor.

1. Bowling alley
Can you score a perfect 300? Don’t worry, I can’t either — but one time, I scored three strikes in a row. As someone who hadn’t gone bowling often before that, I thought that this was a bad thing (after all it’s “one, two, three strikes your out” in baseball). But, a fellow camper that I barely knew came up to me and told me that it was actually a good thing. He told me it was called a “turkey” and I laughed for what seemed like hours. That camper made me feel special, and is now a great friend of mine. Hopefully, going to the bowling alley with your camp will allow campers to feel just as special.

2. Water park
While the camp pool is very fun, there is only so much you can do there. But at a water park, there are water slides everywhere! There are lazy rivers and pirate ships and amazing snacks. Taking your campers to the water park would be a great time that is very memorable for all. This can even let the counselors bond with the campers in another way — if a camper is afraid to go down the gigantic slide, going with a counselor may be the push needed to create a fantastic memory. This is always a great field trip idea for summer camps because it is usually so hot in the summer, both campers and counselors alike will enjoy their day.

3. Amusement park
If you are lucky enough to take your campers to an amusement park, everyone will have an amazing time! There will be lots of roller coasters for your adventurous campers. There will be live performances for your campers who want to sit and enjoy themselves. There will be games and prizes for those campers skilled enough to win them. There will be snacks for those campers that need a little extra food. Overall, there is something for everyone at an amusement park, and it is always a popular destination.

4. Movie Theater
When I was a counselor at a camp for individuals with special needs, the movie theater was a great field trip idea for summer camp. Some campers would be able to buy popcorn and other treats by themselves, others would need a counselor nearby, and some others could not handle outside food. Whatever the case, watching movies with these individuals was a special treat as a counselor — seeing them smile and laugh was something I will cherish for a long time.

5. Baseball Game
There’s nothing quite like the action of a baseball game. As a baseball fan as a kid, these were some of my favorite trips. Seeing minor league players in action made me want to be a better baseball player. Several years of being a bad baseball player killed that dream, but it was a great chance for me, and several fellow campers, to think about a bright future as a famous athlete.

6. Miniature Golfing
Are you able to angle the ball properly to get into the hole? Are you strong enough to know that you can smash the ball, yet smart enough to know that isn’t always appropriate? Mini golf is a great trip for campers to take. With the sun shining, it’s also a great way for certain students to see math skills they may have learned throughout the year in a real way.

7. Trampoline Park
Every child, no matter what age, has a lot of energy. What better way to get this energy out than taking your camper to a trampoline park? There are often so many different styles of trampolining – obstacle courses, basketball, diving, and so much more. At every trampoline park I have been to, there has been a safety discussion by trained professionals about what to do and what not to do. Just make sure that your counselors pay extra close attention, especially if the children attending are on the younger side.

These are only a few suggestions. Let us know you field trip ideas for summer camp in the comments below!
8. Zoo
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Take your campers, especially younger ones, to the zoo for a great time! When I went to the zoo with my camp as a child, I remember discussing who would win between a brown bear and a polar bear. I still discuss this with a few of my friends from camp, and it has actually become an inside joke. The zoo is a great way to form these types of bonds that last for life

9. Rollerblading / Ice Skating
How coordinated are you? Can you dance while you skate? Find out at the rollerblading / ice skating rink. There are usually other things to do for the less athletic campers, including video games and a snack bar. At my local rollerblading rink, there was also a small area for dancing. Most rinks also have helmet, knee, and elbow pad rentals if you do not have your own. This is a great way for kids to socialize!

10. Rafting
How adventurous are you? Are you adventurous enough to go rafting down the Delaware River, like I did when I was 14 years old? 5-8 campers were put into a raft and were told how to get down the river, and we were sent on our way. Of all of my summer camp field trips, this was by far my favorite — not only did I solidify my relationships with my best friends, but it inspired my love for hiking and the outdoors. Just make sure that you pack a change of clothing.

11. Theater
Maybe you aren’t adventurous, but rather, you are an entertainer. Actors, singers, and even stand-up comedians provide some much-needed entertainment for the world… so go see a show with your campers! Make sure before you go that the show is appropriate for the campers. The theater is way, you will entertain both campers and counselors alike!

These are only a few suggestions. Let us know you field trip ideas for summer camp in the comments below!


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