free virtual field trip to the zoo
free virtual field trip to the zoo

A FREE Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo!  Sign Up Now to Access!


This INTERACTIVE activity provides students the opportunity to explore a variety of zoos virtually using perfectly-situated zoo webcams.

But that’s not all! 

Students are given directed questioning (with links to online resources) to fully engage them with their field trip.  And best of all, they can easily save their answers to a PDF to turn in.

This is an incredible FREE opportunity to experience the zoo in a directed and controlled way when it’s not possible to go in person.  Sign Up Now.


Here’s a sample of the virtual zoo field trip (see below)

Hello Kids!

Are you excited to go to the zoo today?!

Let’s prepare for our trip by thinking about what animals you think you will see. Can you name 3 animals at the zoo? Put your answers below:

[Interactive Element Here]

Good job!

But, do you know what these animals eat? Where they live in the wild? If not, we will learn all about it today.

Ok kids… put on your safari hat, grab your walking stick and let’s go on an adventure.

Let’s first visit one of the largest animals on earth. Can you guess what it is?  (Write your guess on the line:

[Interactive Element Here] 

Click on the orange button below to find out.

Were you correct?    [Interactive Element Here] 

How many animals do you see?    [Interactive Element Here] 

Describe their habitat at the zoo. What does it look like? Are there trees? Sand? Is there a huge lake? Name 3 things that you notice about where they live at the zoo.

[Interactive Element Here] 

Now let’s learn a little more about them. Click HERE to read more about them.

What food do they eat:  [Interactive Element Here] 

What is their habitat:  [Interactive Element Here] 

Each day they eat over  [Interactive Element Here]  pounds of food.


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